How to Decorate Using Transparent Balloons

How to Decorate Using Transparent Balloons

Clear transparent latex balloons are still quite new to many as it is mainly used by decor professionals in the past. Only recently people have started to use them for their own party or wedding decoration. Transparent balloons, as its name suggests, are clear and see-through, which make them versatile. Meaning they can be used to decorate in many different and unique ways.

Here are some tips and inspiration...

1. Fill them up with helium/air. They make a classy appearance, especially for photoshooting! (Easiest)


Tie other balloons to the clear balloons as balloon weight and also as decoration. Guess what theme this is? (*Hints: Fishes and bubbles)


Match the clear balloons with other balloons to create a unique party theme balloon bouquet or balloon arch. See? Clear balloons creating the effect of bubbles coming out of champagne... *Similar Champagne Bottle Foil Balloon available in store. Click HERE.


2. Fill them up with confetti. They can either be a stylish decoration.. or you can make them into Party Poppers! (Simply fill more confetti in it and poke the balloon to release them!)



Or you can fill them up with Gold Glitter to create that exclusive look. Suitable for anniversaries, weddings, hen or stag parties.


You may also add some tassel or paper decoration along the balloon string to make a stunning standing display or centerpiece.



3. Create a "Double Bubble Balloon"- In short, it is filling up a balloon INSIDE another balloon. Of course you'll need to make the clear balloon the outer layer, and you may choose a solid colour balloon inside to create the contrast. Yeah, this is new to most people, and a little hard to catch at first.. but try it, the effect is amazing!


Here's how to create a Double Balloon:


Step 1: Slip the inner balloon over a balloon stick and insert it into the clear balloon. Make sure you adjust both balloons so that their necks lined up.

Step 2: Place the balloon pump head between the 2 balloon heads and inflate the clear balloon up to 2/3 of it's capacity.

Step 3: Remove the pump from the clear balloon and insert it in the inner balloon to inflate it. As you inflate the inner balloon, the clear balloon will also get larger. Remove the pump when you reach the desired shape.

Step 4: To tie the balloons, stretch the inner balloon head and tie a knot around the clear balloon head. And you're done! 

4. Decorate the outer layer of clear balloon with colourful paper balls using glue. The effect is like a mini-polka dots balloon :)


So, who says you need to spend a mountain to create a unique party decoration? A pack of clear balloons and some paper crafts will do the trick!

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