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Ways to Decorate Balloons Without Helium

Ways to Decorate Balloons Without Helium


We believe that a party is not complete without balloons. And they look great especially when filled with helium, as they are able to fly and float effortlessly in the air, adding in the Wow factor in any parties!

However, filling balloons with helium is way more expensive. They look fabulous, but will not stay afloat for long, usually only for a precious 5-8 hours. Hence they will need to be filled only on the event day. If you are planning to decorate using lots of balloons, helium is a costly way to do so.

The good news is, they are actually ways to decorate with balloons using resource we have - Oxygen! Filling balloons with air is free and it lasts longer (3-7 days). Here's some ideas and tips you can use for your next party!



不过别担心,想要用气球来装饰场地,还有更多的方法!我们可以使用原有的天然资源 - 氧气!用空气填充气球是免费的,能耐的时间也较长(3-7天)。这里有些方法和建议,大家不妨参考一下,可以在下个派对上用哦!

1. Stick it on the wall/ ceiling  贴在墙壁/天花板上

You can stick your balloons using either glue dots (Little round transparent dots-see image below) or double-sided tape. We recommend using glue dots as they are much more flexible, stickier, and won't spoil your wall surface.  





Glue dots are little round transparent dots as shown in left image below. To use glue dot, [1][2] Simply place the dot directly on the balloon surface (with the paper). Do not use your hand to peel off the glue dot as it will reduce surface adhesiveness. [3] Remove the paper from the glue dot, and stick the balloon on walls/ceilings as desired. Add on ribbon ties to balloon ends and you have the same effect as floating helium balloons!!

双面胶点是小圆形透明胶滴,如下面的左图像。要用胶点,[1] [2]只需将胶点(连同背面的纸)直接贴上气球表面上。切勿用手取出胶滴,因为它会降低表面的粘附性。 [3]从胶点取出纸张,并根据需要贴在气球上的墙壁/天花板。最后,帮气球绑上丝带,该效果就如同漂浮的氦气球了!


  • To create the effect of helium balloons floating to ceilings, stick your glue dots on the topmost of your balloon.
  • To create the effect of helium balloons floating midair, stick your glue dots on the side of the balloon where it protrudes the most and stick it on your walls depending on your desired height.
  • 想要仿造氦气球飘至天花板的效果,把气球胶点贴在气球最上面的一端。
  • 想要仿造氦气球漂浮空中的效果,把气球胶点贴在气球侧面最突出的地方,并根据你理想的高度贴在你的墙上。

2. Hanging from the ceiling 从天花板上悬挂气球

Tie your balloon ends with ribbon ties, and stick the other end of ribbon ties to your ceiling or wall to create that look of hanging balloons. Adjust the length of ribbon ties to make your balloons look like they are falling naturally from the sky! You can also decorate your party entrance with hanging balloons, as shown below. (Use smaller balloons so that balloons won't burst easily from passing crowd)

用丝带绑好气球,并把丝带的另一端贴在天花板或墙壁上,制造出悬挂气球的样子。调整丝带的长度,以让气球看起来自然垂挂。大家也可以利用处悬挂气球来装饰你的派对入口处,如下图所示。 (请使用更小粒的气球,气球才不会因为路过的人群容易爆裂)



3. Create a Balloon bunting/garland 气球挂旗/

Make a hole at the balloon end using a needle. Then lead the thread/string through the balloon hole one balloon at a time. When you've linked enough balloons together, tie both loose ends to walls or ceilings.. and your balloon bunting is complete! Tie them high or low, they brighten up your party space! 




These alternative ways are simple, cost effective and a great way to show off your balloon decoration skills! 


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