Last Minute DIY Decoration For New Year's Eve Party

Last Minute DIY Decoration For New Year's Eve Party

It's New Year Eve today but you've just only thought of throwing a last-minute party? Fret not, here's some little ideas that might help you make it through the last-minute decoration.

1. Balloons Decoration - "False Helium Balloons"

You can't get a party started without BALLOONS!!!

Short of time to fill your balloons with helium gas? Use glue dots/double-sided tape to attach your balloons onto your ceilings and they will give you the floating effect as helium balloons do! Remember to tie a curly ribbon at the ends of each balloons to complete the look.


2. Balloon Decoration - Create a "Balloon Clock"

New Year's Eve is always about the countdown to a new year..  So use your balloons to make a clock shape with numbers 1-12 written on them, and add 2 black stickers on your wall as the clock hands. Ta-da! You have your own Countdown clock! (May use helium gas for floating or glue dots to stick it on walls to get that effect) 


3. Paper Tassel Garland Decoration

Making your own paper tassel will save you some bucks and they look lovely for background decoration! To make one, you simply need coloured tissue paper/art paper(not to thick), and a rubber band to tie the ends. Basically, fold the paper into half and start cutting the ends in strips, leaving 3-5cm on top for tying. Open the fold, twist the middle part, fold it into half again, and simply tie the bend ends. Connect a string across all tassels and you have your tassel garland!



4.  Make a Confetti-filled Balloon and Pop the Balloon at midnight!

Fill your balloons (preferably transparent ones) with colourful confetti (cut pieces of colour papers), and get ready to pop them at the strike of 12am! 


5. Make a Happy New Year Bunting/Flag

A party wouldn't be complete without having a bunting to state the party theme. Print your own "Happy New Year 2017" message on cards and connect them together with a string. You can mix and match different colour and shapes of cards for each letters. There are a lot of ready printable banners/buntings available online so you don't need to design them yourself if you've no time.


Lastly, enjoy the DIY crafting while you prepare for your New Year party! Although it's no match for a luxury party decoration, but hey, at least there's something around to amaze your guests!  (Come on guys... it's completed last minute) :)

Happy New Year peeps!!!

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