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DIY Paper Heart Garland

DIY Paper Heart Garland

Heart garlands are not only useful for Valentines' Day, they can also be a lovely piece of hanging decoration for indoors, or as a gift for someone special. 

Here are some ideas and inspirations on how to make heart garlands. They are easy to make, and it doesn't cost much!

There are a few types of heart garlands that we find them to be simple, classic and presentable. They are basically made up of papers and glue/staples.

In general, here's what you need. Most items are available in a scrap shop.

  • Heart-shaped cutouts ( you can find lots of printable designs and templates using Google - save time on drawing the shapes yourself! )
  • Scissors/ Hole punch
  • String
  • Staple /Tape /Glue



  • 心形的纸卡片(你可以用谷歌找到许多可打印的设计和模板 - 不需费时自己画形状!)
  • 剪刀/打孔机
  • 绳子
  • 订书钉/胶带/胶水
1. Heart Messages in Strings 心形字条串彩花

String your hearts together. You can either do it horizontally... or vertically. Depends on the space that you want to decorate. And add your own messages on each cutouts!





1. Prepare the printouts of heart messages and cut them out. 准备足够的心形卡片。

2. Punch 2 holes on top of the heart cutouts. Slid the string through both holes of each cutouts. Make sure to slid the string from the front to the back so that it will hide behind the card. 在心形卡上方订下两个洞。把绳子从上方第一个洞穿过卡后,再从第二个洞口出。

3. And tape both sides of the string ends on your wall! Hang them in rows if you have more messages to display! 串好后,把两端的线用胶带贴在墙上。可以多做几串彩花,可以挂多几排彩花让你的空间更多色彩。

2. Sewn Hearts Garland 针织心形彩花

Sew them together with thread using a sewing machine. You can either do it horizontally... or vertically. 把心型卡片用缝纫机缝在一起。你可以打横或打直来串。

(The heart garlands that we sell in store are the vertical ones 店里也有售卖此款彩花哦 -> https://www.thepartychoice.com/3d-heart-paper-garland  )




1. Prepare the heart shaped cutouts of your choice. 准备足够的心形卡片。

2. Place the heart cutouts next to each other and carefully lead the thread through the middle of each cutouts as you sew them. Arrange the hearts according to your desired sequence before you start sewing to avoid wrong design sequence.  先把心形卡片并排一起,在卡片的中间下线,一片接一片的缝过。

3. And your garland is ready! 你的彩花装饰准备好啦!


3.  O-Rings Heart Garlands 勾勾心形彩花

Connect all the pieces together in a heart shaped twist. 用纸折的方法折出心形,再把它们勾在一起。


1. Prepare a strip of paper roughly 1.5cm thick with length of 10cm ( The bigger the heart shape the longer the length) 准备纸条,每条约1.5cm宽,10cm长(越大的心形需要越长的纸条)

2. Fold the paper strip in half so that the tip of the heart will be noticeable later. Twist both ends of paper strip inwards so that their ends meet in the center. 把纸条折一半心形的底部才会有痕折。把两端的纸条同时向内转折在中间,然后用订书钉把尾端钉起来。

3. Staple the ends and you'll have a 'heart'. They are many ways you can link the hearts together. You can tie them together on the sides (with ribbon/glue/or staple them), or slid a new strip through the previous one and make a new heart linking both together. (Like the purple-blue sample on the right image above) 你可以用几种方式把心形串起来。第一,可以用彩带把心形侧边绑在一起;或者像上右图的紫蓝彩花一样用纸条串过上个心形,那就不需要用到额外的钉子/胶带/彩带啦。

4. Hearts-within-Hearts Heart Garland 心连心心形彩花

If you are up to something cooler and unique, try this design. This heart garland is suitable as hanging ornaments or gifts as it is bigger in size and involves layering. Cut the stripes in longer lengths to make a bigger heart, it looks awesome even by itself! 若想要尝试一些不同的彩花款式,大家不妨试下这个做法。由于这个心形彩花体积比较大些,所以适合作为吊饰或独立礼品送人。


1. Cut the paper strips in different lengths. Make the strip is 2cm longer in length than the previous strip set. Eg: 1st set:10cm, 2nd set:12cm, 3rd set:14cm... 准备不同长度的纸条。每组纸条建议增加约2cm长度。如:第一组10cm, 第二组12cm, 第三组14cm... 

2. Place the longest strip outermost and the shortest one inside, and remember to leave a longest strip at the center as a holder for the heart. Arrange as shown in (1). Place all the strips together and staple them at the bottom of the strip. 把最长的纸条排在最外边,跟着次序排到最短的在里边。记得把一个最长的纸条留在中间作为把柄。纸条排法请参考上图(1)。把全部纸条集在一起,然后再下方把它们订在一起。

3. Using the center strip as reference, start folding the innermost(shortest) strip inwards from both sides. Repeat until all strips are folded to the center and staple again at the bottom side. Make sure you staple a bit higher from the first staple point so that you don't miss out any layers. 以中间的纸条为参考,把最里面的纸条转向内折。重复把一层层的纸条从里到外折向中间(两边都一样),然后在底部再订一次。这次要往上一点订,才会订到所有纸条层。

4. Punch a hole at the center strip and link other 'hearts' together with strings. 在中间的纸条把柄订上一个洞供绳子串过。


Try experiment with different lengths of paper strips to achieve the perfect heart shape. You can also use different types of design paper to match your space. 

Most importantly, enjoy making these heart garland! They are an economical yet romantic way of expressing your love!



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